about us

Denel d.o.o.

The mission of Denel company is to find healthy, highest quality and best food products in international markets and bring them closer to consumers.


Denel d.o.o. has been operating since 2001. We are a wholesaler and distributor of food products with a very strong purchasing and sales team. We are present at various points of sale: hypermarkets, megamarkets, supermarkets, specialty stores, at gas stations, in drugstores, schools, vending machines, kiosks. We are a customer-oriented company, as we take into account the wishes of consumers and take care of their health.

in step with the times

We have developed an information system for communication directly with stores and for tracking goods and documents. We integrated the HACCP system into the company and ensured the organization’s compliance with all laws and acts on food products. We store goods in a warehouse that has all the modern technology, as well as an integrated HACCP system and information system.


We want to create the best range of food products for you, especially at the wedding of cereals, muesli, sweets and snacks, and further expand our sales network. We are looking for healthy products without added sugar, products made from wholemeal flour and organic products.